6 Key Benefits to Leveraging a Virtual Law Office

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple decades, we live in an increasingly digital society. The Internet has transformed the world, from the way we socialize to consumerism, and it is essential that you adapt your legal practice to the changing times.

An increasingly popular option is leveraging a virtual law office. Most attorneys already use digital technology in some manner in operating their practice, but leveraging a virtual office means making the leap to a fully-connected, cloud-based practice. It does NOT mean giving up on any sort of physical office space or face-to-face interactions, but it does mean placing an emphasis on both digital efficiency and cost efficiency.

Below we have outlined six of the most important benefits provided by leveraging a virtual law office:

1) Credibility

In the age of The Internet, having a digital presence is not only helpful, it is expected. You could be fantastic at what you do, but if you cannot be reached online, you will likely not be seen as credible by potential clients. By leveraging a virtual office, you cannot help but have a strong digital presence. You will inherently leverage technology in a manner that demonstrates to the modern consumer that you are reliable and not stuck in the past. And speaking of leveraging technology…

2) Technology

By operating a virtual law office you will be in a position to make good use of numerous productivity-enhancing technologies. Cloud computing technology in particular—such as Google Drive—allows you to cast off the shackles that tie you to a single location, to reach more people, and to be more productive and efficient.

3) Finances

Perhaps the single most important reason to leverage a virtual law office is the financial benefits. We’ve already explained how the use of technology will help make you more efficient, and as most people know, efficiency usually translates to more profit. Additionally, a virtual office allows you to effectively cut out the day-to-day costs of operating a brick and mortar office. You will minimize both minor expenses, like office supplies, and major expenses, like employing full-time support staff and paying rent. But don’t worry, you won’t have to take on the role of a receptionist for your own practice if you choose to go virtual—Yes! Workspaces virtual offices provide you with a dedicated receptionist to field calls in your law firm’s name.

4) Extend your reach

When you tie yourself to a traditional office, you’re oftentimes limited by your geographic proximity to others. A virtual law office extends your reach as far as you desire. You will gain the potential to reach brand new client bases and collaborate with other law firms and professionals from across the country.

5) Work remotely

Leveraging a virtual law office allows you to work from any location you desire. Work from home and spend more time with your kids. Head down to your favorite coffee shop and work from there. The world is your oyster when you are not tied down to four walls and a roof, and you will save yourself a great deal of stress by avoiding the typical rush hour commute. Not only that, but most virtual offices—such as those offered by Yes! Workspaces—still provide you with a credible address for business communications and a professional, fully-equipped physical location to utilize when needed for important meetings and face-to-face interactions with clients.

6) Save the trees

A virtual law office is an environmentally friendly law office. Cloud-based technology allows you to practically eliminate your use of paper, and no commute means drastically cutting down your carbon footprint.

If your practice does not need a physical office for your day-to-day operations, Yes! Workspaces offers fully customizable, cloud-based virtual offices to suit your unique needs and budget. Give us a call today at (305) 260-7000 to learn more!


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