How Can a Collaborative Workspace Benefit Your Legal Practice?

In recent years, collaborative workspaces have skyrocketed in popularity amongst young entrepreneurs and other professionals seeking productive, cost-efficient spaces from which to conduct their business. In a collaborative environment your personal workspace is part of an inter-connected setting shared with other professionals in various fields, allowing you to operate in your own personal space when you need and interact with others when you want.

If you are an attorney, and especially if you are a newly solo attorney, it is time you considered working in a collaborative workspace. There are numerous benefits to these collaborative spaces for legal professionals, five of which we have outlined below:

New ideas and perspectives

Perhaps the single most important benefit to working in a collaborative workspace is having access to a wide array of perspectives, which can result in new ideas and viewpoints that you otherwise would not have achieved. We are all shaped by our experiences in life, and everyone’s journey is unique. Having access to the thoughts and ideas of professionals with different experiences and perspectives—both in the legal profession and outside of it—will be invaluable for the quality of your work. It’s like having your very own brain trust, and as they say, two heads is better than one!

Challenge you

As an attorney, it is essential that you utilize unbiased parties to challenge your premises and poke holes in your case. After all, opposing attorneys and judges will most certainly look for any holes or flaws in your arguments. By working in a collaborative workspace, you can utilize your neighbors to essentially conduct market testing on your legal arguments and look for any potential weaknesses in your case. Those with no attachment to your case will always be able to find the issues that you otherwise would not have seen yourself, allowing you the develop the airtight arguments you need to succeed.


As a solo or small legal practice, the importance of strong networking cannot be overstated. Much of your work will likely come through referrals, and the best way to obtain referrals is through having a strong network of other professionals who trust you enough to send clients your way. By working in a collaborative workspace with attorneys and other professionals every day, you can’t help but build relationships that will be incredibly fruitful for your business.


Having a physical office is vital for just about any attorney. Even if you are someone who can get work done wherever you are, you should still have a professional, well-equipped location available where you can bring clients and conduct meetings. Having your own office space is essential for demonstrating credibility. However, operating your own office can get expensive very quickly, especially if you are the only one footing the bill and trying to outfit your office with the latest and most up-to-date technology. In a collaborative workspace, the cost burden is distributed amongst numerous professionals. You will still have the private space you need, but it will be far more cost-efficient.


Perhaps you are one of those people who works better on your own. Maybe you’re a bit of a recluse who works more efficiently in isolation. Most of us, however, can benefit greatly from interacting with other people on a day-to-day basis. Human interaction can quite literally provide you with more energy which will help you maintain your productivity throughout the day, whereas working in isolation on a day-to-day basis can drain you of your motivation and open the door to procrastination and inefficiency.

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