How Your Workspace Impacts Your Clients’ Perception of Your Law Firm

One of the most important aspects of landing a client is how that client perceives you. A lot of factors contribute to this perception, not the least of which is your workspace. Advances in technology and the ability to video conference almost anywhere have led many lawyers to consider working from home, however having a professional workspace that caters to this tech-driven, mobile workforce can ultimately be a deciding factor in whether or not a client chooses you.

Client Perception

For the most part, prospective clients do not have the opportunity to see you at work before they hire you. No matter how great of job a lawyer does for their current clients they are going to need to be able to impress future clients primarily outside of the courtroom. People want to hire lawyers they can trust and whose abilities they respect. Unfortunately, their level of respect for your abilities is oftentimes erroneously rooted in the perceptions they develop upon meeting with you rather than your record.

Messy or unprofessional offices or meeting rooms give the impression that a lawyer lacks professionalism and perhaps does not take their work very seriously. First impressions count, and having a an official-looking, modernized, high-tech workspace is the best way to get clients to trust and respect you right off the bat.

Choosing a Workspace

Location matters, and offices located in bad areas or in unattractive buildings are simply not as inviting and could lead to a loss in business. Similarly, working from home can be a tempting idea both for comfort and cost-cutting measures, but a client meeting a lawyer for the first time in his or her home is likely to think less of them as a professional. Finding a location that impresses clients is essential and can also make the workday a lot easier. Fortunately for those looking to save money and not be stuck in a long-term lease, there are also excellent and affordable options for getting office space in a shared building.

Advantages of Renting Office Space

Simply having an office space gives a professional feel that is tangible not only to you but also to your clients. Knowing you are in a professional, dedicated workspace changes your mindset and helps present a more respectable demeanor, which clients can perceive. A law firm with a fully furnished office space with the latest technology in an excellent location simply appears more successful and gives clients the feeling that their matters will be handled by experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who know how to get the job done.

Office space is cheaper now than ever before and law firms can move into offices that are fully stocked with gorgeous furnishings, state of the art technology, and high speed internet without spending a lot of money upfront. Spaces are even available part time and can be used only for meetings and certain days of the week at minimal costs. Call Yes! Workspaces to see how we can meet your firm’s needs.


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