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Distinctive Writing

Distinctive Writing is owned and operated by Lorinda Gonzalez.  As an avid writer, she began providing guidance to students during her time working in Human Resources at her local community college.  There she met a brilliant co-worker who was a native of Peru.  Attending Florida Atlantic University, her friend had trouble comprehending the materials in English, and faced a great deal of trouble writing effective, clear, comprehensible documents for school. Ms. Gonzalez began assisting her with the materials, which turned into nightly study sessions.  She did not have a particular interest the subjects her friend studied, but what she did have was in interest in her friends’ academic and professional success.  Over a short period of time, her friend began to improve in her classes and Ms. Gonzalez gained her first successful client.  Today they are still great friends, and Lorinda has joyfully attended her friend’s commencement to receive a Bachelors and Master’s Degree. 

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