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“Founded in 2010 by Ecopharma group labs of Argentina to invest and partner in a US based coating plant with Innoteq. As a result of this union Gammatec became the international link and business developer to a leading, innovative, high tech coated products laboratory and manufacturer. From our offices in Miami and Connecticut, GAMMATEC will partner to offer cutting edge, new product development for any global brand. Next generation innovation, synergized with advanced technology procedures, information processing systems, and manufacturing equipment can help you create the products your brand needs to lead in the pharma or retail marketplace.

With experience in the development and manufacturing of coated films, we believe in these technologies as the future of pharmaceutical and consumer products. Developing and manufacturing rapid-dissolve thin films, slow-dissolve films, films with high active loadings, and film-coated/non-woven products which deliver unique results is our specialty.

At Gammatec, our business is preserving and improving human life. All of our actions are measured by our success in achieving these goals. We value, above all, our ability to develop unique products and services that deliver extraordinary benefit, thereby providing lasting consumer satisfaction.

Many of our products and inventions are credited with saving lives throughout the healthcare market and within emergency response teams. Our award-winning coated products are compact, portable, sustainable, and feature shelf longevity and ease of use. Most importantly, our products enhance and sustain the human experience”

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